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Manage Service of Process without Errors

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Manage Service of Process without Errors

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Why People Trust Legalpine

5-Star Customer Service

Clara Bert
Clara Bert

Customer - Real Estate

"LegalPine provided extremely fast filing and responses to all my questions. Now all my rental properties are correctly protected. I was able to get started!"

John Anderson
John Anderson

Customer - Small Business Owner

"No complaints, exactly what I needed."

Jay Smith
Jay Smith

Customer - Accountant

"I highly recommend using LegalPine over other businesses websites. These people are extremely professional."

Let Legalpine Assist your Law Firm's

Email us a PDF and Save Time Typing
Your dedicated agent can handle emails directly, saving you time. Never transcribe docket information again.
Email us a PDF and Save Time Typing
Built in Mailroom
Built in Mailroom
We routinely file cases by mail in 40+ states, and advance court fees via check. Get a one-stop shop and lose track of filings again.
Micromanage as much as you'd like
LegalPine has been designed with accountability in mind. You’ll get progress emails, USPS tracking numbers, and proofs of filing quickly and efficiently on your LegalPine dashboard.
Micromanage as much as you'd like

Do Even More

Legalpine Handles Everything You Need...

The first technology platform capable of processing the most legal firm needs, effortlessly.

Stop doing paperwork, and get time back to grow your business and bill more hours.

Incredibly simple online dashboard let's manage high case loads with ease. Seeing is believing: try it for free, no credit card needed.
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Why Should I Trust an External Provider?

Filing in new courthouses

We routinely file in thousands of courthouses and have a large in house team to research, call, and email clerks. Learning about filing procedure is our expertise. Use Legalpine to save yourself billable time and hassle.

Can my assistant / paralegal do this?

Save on overtime, surges in work, and getting in a bind anytime they're sick. Legalpine gives them the tools they need to be more productive. Track all filing statuses yourself with ease.

How Does Pricing Work?

We charge per service provided. No subscription fees, maintenance fees, or hidden fees. Sign in to your dashboard and see prices for your area upfront. Court fees for each case are advanced and invoiced after.

Serve on time.

Are you ready to get started?


LegalPine is an online secretarial, mailing, and e-scrivery service. LegalPine is not an attorney or a law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Your use of Legalpine services does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Providing any information to any third party, including Legalpine, may cause you to waive your attorney-client privilege even with an attorney.

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